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Tinder for pc : Here you will get complete guide on how to use Tinder for PC or Laptop. Finally now you can enjoy tinder app on Windows 7, 8.1, XP and Mac OS.

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Tinder is a marvellous application designed expressly for mobile devices running on Android and iOS versions of operating systems. The fact that the application is a specially designed dating application makes it of interest for many users. For mobile phones and tablet computers alike, the application delivers great usability and benefits to its users. The only setback to the usage of this application is that a Personal computer compatible version has not yet been brought out in the market. This follows a little sad note for those users who were willing to operate the application on a bigger display screen and make use of keyboard and mouse for the same. It is official that the publisher of the application has not yet released Tinder for PC version.

Use of Tinder

Finding a date for the evening was never simpler. Tinder is an application that simplifies the task of finding a date for yourself. It makes use of mobile devices connected to the web. The non-availability of a Tinder for PC version entails the purpose of the application itself. The design and function of the application is such that it provides instant connectivity with people’s smart phones and other portable devices. It is meant to be a very light operating app such that its usage is not limited by distance and system requirement.

Need for a PC version of the app

Even if the publisher of the application could provide users with an alternative to the mobile app in the form a website fulfilling the same or identical function, it could have been considered adequate Tinder for PC version. This would have called upon the users with desktop access to use the facilities that are provided by Tinder. However, as the case is, there is no such dating website available from Tinder publishers end. If you will visit the official website of Tinder, you will only find several links that direct at downloading the app across various platforms. Since the dating functions are not provided, it brings out a need for a Tinder for PC version of the app.

How to use Tinder on PC

Tinder app

Quite fortunately, there are ways in which a user can make the app work even on his desktop system. As the app is available on Android platform of every smart phone, the android emulators can be made use of. An android emulator is like a virtual mobile device that can run on your computer. It is found helpful in developing and testing Android applications without using any intermediary physical devices. There are some common android emulators that can enable the app on a user’s desktop system:

  • Virtual boxPopular for Mac computers, this emulator features a quite simple interface with the features to search for applications and download them in the emulator. It is available free of cost and makes for a great option for every user.
  • BluestacksThis emulator is capable of working on Windows and mac operating systems. Its makers have designed it as an easy to use tool. Instead of duplicating the entire Android environment on the emulator, the tool works at running applications which are intended to be operated on an Android platform. This promotes the emulation specifically as an app player.
  • YouWaveThis is premium software based entirely on the concept of virtual box. It is not available free of cost. It works by creating its individual virtual disk space independent of the Windows file system. YouWave features multiple app stores which make it simple to find and download applications like Tinder on pc.

Procedure for installing Tinder on PC

tinder on pc

If a user wishes to install Tinder on PC through the emulators listed above, he will need to install the app on the emulator first and foremost. It is much easy to find the app on the emulator’s store which makes it simple to download and install. However, there can be cases where the app is not available on the emulator’s store or it is also possible that the emulator may not have an app store at all. In this case, an APK installer will be needed additionally. .apk is the format of a file which is used by the android application package. To get Tinder’s APK installer, simply search for it online on the internet, and you will find it instantly by making use of the keyword, ‘Tinder apk’.

Once the app has been successfully downloaded and installed, the emulator shall be running Tinder for PC in the same way an actual smart phone with Android platform would have. There will be the only difference of the touch panel of smart phones. Interaction with the app will instead take place by means of a keyboard and a mouse. Although, this method of accessing the Tinder app may not offer the best user experience, it is a generally better solution to using the app on a larger display unit.

Most users of the Tinder app will appreciate the idea of a Tinder for PC version for the app. Even though, running the app through an emulator offers a near similar experience, having an actual app, specially optimised Tinder for PC, will be no doubt, a positively voted notion. An emulator simply provides a large display and alternative input medium for the app, thus user experience is compromised owing to lack of touch interface. Being saddened and dissatisfied with the lack of interface flexibility of the app, it is quite common to manifest that the user might turn to rival dating sites for fulfilling their purpose, such as Match.com, Friend Finder or My Single Friend. Nevertheless, the concept of Tinder on PC is unmatchable and unique. It does the work of bringing together people with its sophisticated and innovative features.

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